SaltsSea Salt has held it’s place in history for many different reasons, and our favorite has to be for healing! It is adored for it’s health enhancing minerals, therapeutic properties and all natural harvesting techniques. Our Salts are 100% PURE and free from any additives, free flow agents, fragrances or colors. Our Salt is not only safe for the bath, but is 100% edible and is from the highest grades available on the planet.

Our edible salts are optically filtered by tiny blasts of air that remove impurities and pebbles without any chemicals or filters… other than…air! Pure and Simple.

Whether you need to ease chronic pain, enhance circulation, or cleanse and detox the body, Ancient Salts are your most organic readily available cure. Many salts have the same properties, softening the skin, and relieving tension, but all of them have different mineral contents. Did you know that Epsom salt is not even really salt? It is Magnesium Sulfate in it’s purest crystalized state! But it resemble salt so much, and has such wonderful muscle soothing properties, it gets into the bath salt category here…Here are some other fun facts on salts we carry:

Pink Himalayan Salt: It is over 150 million years old and was deposited from the sea into mountain ranges where it is preserved and protected by layers of lava and volcanic ash for centuries! It has over 84 trace trace minerals present which gives it the lovely pink tint. It is used in cooking and bathing around the world. It looks beautiful in a clear jar layered with Grey salts.

Crystal Sea Salts: Large chunks of crystal salts can be used in may applications while giving a mystical organic look to your home. Used in bath teas, mix dried flowers in a muslin bag and add three large crystals. Tie to the faucet of the tub and let the water run down the sachet HOT. Enjoy a fragrant salt bath. May also be used in potpourri bowls with dried flowers. Add essential oils directly to the salts for a beautiful room freshener.

Hawaiian Red Salt: Unprocessed sea salt that gets it’s lovely red color from purified red Hawaiian clay. Many people use this bath salt to heal wounds, ease body aches and sprains, and also to draw out toxins from overworked muscles. A pinch in the bath makes for a spa~style retreat. The edible version of this salt is incredible on veggies, fish, mushrooms and soups!

French Grey Sea Salt: This brut grey salt carries it’s color from the natural trace minerals from it’s sea origin. It is unwashed and unrefined, dried in clay pools hand dug for generations. It is a salt that has very high mineral content similar to hot springs. High levels of Calcium, Potassium, Copper, Zinc and Iron. The edible version of this salt is superior due to its low sodium content.

For a full list of the uses of salts, and their chemical makeup check out our chart in store!

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