Product Lines

Product lines


We have the opportunity to carry a great variety of bulk goods in our shop.  We distribute the following brands at this time and are always waiting for more companies to join our vision of Bulk Buying!  If there are ever any requests for brands, or if you are curious if a favorite of yours comes in bulk, just email us and we will investigate!  We urge everyone to comment on BIG GREEN Companies web pages that DO NOT carry bulk at this time….Together we will have a BIG voice!!

We also carry

SaltsBar Soaps from Frontier Angel, Beautiful Baskets from Ghana Africa

Salts available in bulk: Gourmet and Bath available by the ounce or in 5 lb bags... All Varieties

Himalayan Salt Lamps: light bulbs and switches available $8 set ... Bulbs $1.25 each: 14 watt bulb

Bulk Beeswax and Wick by the foot, Soaps Dishes, Pedi Brushes and Pumice Stones, Blue Bottles by SYM ~ BLU~OLOGY Tincture bottles, Drams, EuroDroppers, Boston Rounds, Salve Jars and more!

(Call ahead for high volume orders)

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