Save our ailing planet began with a simple idea. One that was already into play throughout many health food stores across the United States. Refill your bottle out of stock gallons. Lori and Rich Shepardson were doing this already, but were concerned on how the pesky laundry and dish containers were not so easily refilled. After doing hours of research, and blogging on Corporate websites about their lack of available bulk Soap, they decided to do something about it. That is when S.O.A.P. became a vision.

Lori contacted every green company she could think of and asked them if they carried large quantities of eco friendly laundry soap. Over and Over she was told, they only carried up to 120 oz. in laundry, and only up to 32. oz of dish. This was absurd to her. How could all these companies claim they are in it for the Environment, when really all they were doing was making profit off of little bottles of product. She spoke up. And she received some GREAT news.

It turned out that only BIOKLEEN and ECOS were available for institutional use, meaning they had bulk products in 5-55 gallon drums. This was Great! The Companies agreed to work with her, and they gave her a distributer that did not use huge freight. The distributer also had access to many wonderful products in gallons and 5 gallons. Since then she has been working hand in hand with her distributer to bring the community affordable products that are safe for the environment, but also, refillable.

The Shepardsonʼs have always cared for the environment and actually fell in love with one another while trying to save the WALL THP from being clearcut back in the early 2000ʼs. While they love non violent activism, with so many changes in our government forbidding people to be activists without being looked down upon, they decided to become activists in their community by helping people BOYCOTT big business that steals from itʼs people instead of heals itʼs people. By purchasing products with clean labels and from companies that are west coast based, you are able to put your money into companies that share your vision, and are not considered “corporate villains”.

Today there are still many companies that claim to be green, when in fact they too are supporting Monsanto, and other chemical companies. S.O.A.P. is constantly doing research to help bring you and your family safe, healthy products that do not harm the eco systems we all enjoy. S.O.A.P will be the quality control you can trust, and if at any time they feel like a product does not meet the standard, they will replace it with something that does.

Lori is in the process of receiving her International Aromatherapy Certification and is a mother of two lovely children. She is available Mon-Wed in the store, enjoys volunteering at NCSA and loves to wild craft herbs seasonally and responsibly. She and Rich have been together for 13 years and are working towards a goal of creating a working herb farm that flourishes with Lavender, Saint Johnʼs wort, Calendula, Mugwort, Arnica, Comfrey and honey bees.

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